Tuesday, July 12, 2011

12 Unique and Creative Beds

The most creative and unusual beds designed for people who love to sleep.

Zipper Bed

Letto Zip bed makes daily bed-making process faster and easier. [link]


Friday, July 8, 2011


Mailable kinetic sculptures, made by Bradley N. Litwin. They're made primarily of paperboard, with few bits of wood and plastic. Available for purchase at www.MechaniCards.com.

24 Creative Die Cut Business Cards

Having a well designed business card will help you build your brand and attract new customers. This post showcases unique custom shaped business cards.

M. Brady Clark Business Card

Personal business card of a talented logo and apparel designer. [link]

12 Cool Apple iPhone Concepts

Collection of the most innovative Apple iPhone concepts designed by talented artists from around the world.

Transparent iPhone Concept
iPhone designed by Robert Davis is made out of transparent parts. [link]

Rozetkus 3D power socket

A bright idea from Art. Lebedev Studio, Rozetkus 3D neatly hides inside the wall until extra plugs are needed.
                                                                  Rozetkus 3D ambushing